Funeral Service – Alternative Options | Final Needs Planning

Jarrett March 14, 2018

Final Needs Planning – Funeral Service – Burial – Cremation – Alternative Options What are the other after life options beyond Burial or Cremation? Funeral Service Providers, have you been asked about additional services or asked to provide them? Jay Requarth, MD, Funeral Insider Inc., Options for this question include green burial (which can be… Read more »

Funeral Planning – Home Funeral | Final Needs Planning

Jarrett March 8, 2018

What exactly is a Home Funeral and what is involved in planning and preparation of one? Is this less costly than a traditional funeral, or is it more expensive?  Caleb Backe is a Health and Wellness Expert for Maple Holistics. “Planning a home funeral for a family member is one of the hardest things you… Read more »

The Benefits to having a Final Needs Planning Program | Final Needs Planning

Jarrett March 6, 2018

What are the benefits to having the Final Needs Planning Program? How do you for see it being of benefit to you and your family? Would you recommend Final Needs Planning Programs? Jay Requarth MD, Funeral Insider,  indicates in his eBook “Lowering Funeral Costs Without Increasing Stress, Grief, Guilt and Anxiety” writes “If you are… Read more »

The Funeral – What’s the Purpose? | Final Needs Planning

Jarrett March 5, 2018

Final Needs Planning – The Funeral What is the purpose of a funeral? Who does it benefit? Is it helpful or harmful? The Funeral.  What is the purpose?  Is it helpful or harmful?  Society tells us generally that the funeral is beneficial in providing closure to those left behind, however, more often than not, the… Read more »

The Green Funeral – The Latest Trend | Final Needs Planning

Jarrett March 2, 2018

A Green Funeral, also known as a Green Burial or a Natural Burial, involves the disposition of the dead with minimal environmental impact. It does not allow for embalming, concrete vaults, monuments and only the use of non-toxic and biodegradable materials, such as caskets, shrouds, and urns. When it comes to Final Needs Planning and… Read more »

Discussing Death with a Child | Final Needs Planning

Jarrett February 28, 2018

Final Needs Planning – Discussing Death with a Child What, in your expert opinion, is the best approach to Discussing Death with a Child? Robert Varak, Law Offices of Robert J. Varak,  thinks “the best approach is to tailor the conversation to the emotional profile of each child. Broadly speaking, some children will react more emotionally… Read more »

Can Canadians Rely On The CPP to Cover Funeral Expenses?

Jarrett November 28, 2017

With so much going on in our day-to-day lives, it becomes hard to dedicate to learning about important subjects like our finances and the many small details involved with them. Recently, there have been some changes to the CPP (Canada Pension Plan) that we believe every Canadian should be made aware of. Many come with… Read more »

Who is Assurant?

Jarrett November 16, 2017

Why We Are Proud To Be Backed By Assurant Life When browsing through the Final Needs Planning ProgramTM website you’ve likely seen that our plans and products are connected with the company Assurant.

What is the Purpose of a Funeral and Who are They For?

Jarrett October 26, 2017

Are funerals for the living or the dead? You’ve likely heard this question before, but maybe never had to ponder it. When thinking about planning ones funeral – the answer to this question can become lost on most. We can get so caught up in conjuring up the best possible way to honour the dead, that… Read more »

Funeral Planning: What Is A Final Documents Service (FDS)?

Jarrett September 30, 2017

Unlock the benefits of our aftercare document preparation service What happens after we die? Our family and friends come together to mourn our loss, pay their respects, and they try their best to move on. Of course that is a simple answer, because as most of us know, death is far more complicated – especially… Read more »