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Services, Client Services, Additional Services. Final Needs Planning Canada is proud to also offer our Customers a Travel Protection Plan, a Final Documents Service, a Tombstone, Monument Service Plan and a free supplemental Patient Benefit Plan.

Travel Protection Plan

The Elephas Group Travel Protection Plan shields your family from unexpected financial loss. Also, our plan is easy and affordable!  In addition, any time, anywhere, we’ll be there.  “The Worldwide Travel Assistance Plan covers travel anywhere in the world if your death occurs 100 kilometers or more from your legal residence. One toll-free phone call made by your family or funeral director is all it takes to begin the process of bringing you home. Travel Plan associates are on call 24-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week.  They will immediately begin notifying the appropriate parties necessary for a quick, safe and dignified return.”

Final Documents Service

The Elephas Group Final Documents Service (FDS) provides families relief from administrative burdens after the death of a loved one.  First of all our FDS will notify Credit Bureaus to prevent identity theft, notify VA, apply for CPP Benefits.  Also we will notify insurance companies, banks, apply for a HST refund, notify passport, driver’s license office.  In addition, retire the deceased SIN and Health Card, notify and terminate WSIB coverage.

Tombstone, Monument Service

In recognition and celebration of the deceased, The Elephas Group Monument Service Plan will save you money as we allow you and your family to work with our Monument Company Partner.  Hence, this plan it is simple and easy and can be paid in monthly payments.  Therefore, the Monument price is guaranteed, regardless of price increases during the years to come.

Free Supplemental Patient Benefit Plan – PharmaCard

The Elephas Group PharmaCard allows you to receive the brand-name medications and healthcare products prescribed by your physician, regardless of your existing public or private health coverage.

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