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Final Planning, Assurant Life of Canada, Funeral Planning. Backed by Assurant, Final Needs Planning Canada helps families plan for the future. Protect your family today.  Final Needs Planning by The Elephas Group, Ontario’s premier Funeral Plan and Funeral Advice provider, is proud to announce their new Final Needs Planning Program™. This family-owned business assists families with Funeral Insurance and Funeral Arrangement services, helping families anticipate the future with Final Needs Plans individually customized to meet needs, adaptable, and affordable, making these perfect whatever the family financial situation. Money in each plan is sheltered, grows tax free and is out of the reach of nursing homes, lawyers and estate fees.

The Elephas Group’s Pre-Planning Consultants provide advice free of any charge, in order to assist Clients in setting up the most appropriate plan for the situation. Each account plan is customizable, allowing consideration for each Client’s financial health and family situation at the current time. Everyone is welcome and accepted in the Final Needs Planning Program, regardless of medical history. No medical exam is required.

The Final Needs Planning Program plans start at a rate of $5 per month and once agreed upon based on a Client’s current situation, the payment amount will never increase. There is never a penalty if you move to a different province and there are never any “secret” additional fees. Also, Clients may deposit additional monies into plan accounts in the anticipation of extra costs. Final Needs Planning Program Client’s money is always available. When a payout is requested, average payouts arrive within seven hours. Once the plan participant passes, a call to the funeral home chosen will allow the Elephas Group to release funds and take care of the distressing paperwork with the funeral director. It’s that simple.

It’s time to leave your family with peace of mind. Regardless of age or personal situation, the Final Needs Planning Program can alleviate stress and anxiety of arranging a funeral and taking care of final expenses. If you would like to learn more, receive additional materials, or schedule a free information meeting, get in touch by sending an email via the online form or by calling at 1-800-661-8908. Plan for the future today!


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