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Unlock the benefits of our aftercare document preparation service

What happens after we die? Our family and friends come together to mourn our loss, pay their respects, and they try their best to move on. Of course that is a simple answer, because as most of us know, death is far more complicated – especially for the person designated as the executor.

What Does an Executor Do?aftercare document preperation

The executor is usually a close relative (typically a son, daughter, or spouse) of the deceased who is charged with the task of seeing that all necessary accounts are closed, the proper authorities are notified, and their finances are in order.

Serving as an executor is seen as an honour. The deceased has put their trust in someone over a lawyer or financial professional to see that all of their final affairs are in order. Some of the required duties can become quite tasking and tedious, and exceptionally more difficult while in the grieving process.

That’s why many have decided to take advantage of our Final Documents Service (FDS). With an FDS Plan, much of the heavy burden of the executor is lifted. So how our aftercare document service help?

Our Final Document Service Provides…

We help to oversee that all the several important documents required after death are filled out properly and sent to the right people. Nothing is missed, everything is filled out and accounted for. When the it is time, all that is required is the final signatures to be filled out and the package containing all the necessary paperwork be put in the mail.

Here is a list containing some of the administrative duties that we see to:

  • We advise credit bureaus of the death in order to eliminate the chance of identity theft.
  • We alert Veterans Affairs.
  • We send an application for Canada Pension Plan death survivor as well as children’s benefits.
  • We alert insurance companies and banks.
  • We send an application for a GST refund.
  • We file for corporate pension plan benefits in Canada or foreign countries.
  • We alert passport and driver’s license offices.
  • We retire the deceased’s Social Insurance Number as well as their Health Card.
  • We are able to transfer rewards points in loyalty, affinity or membership cards.
  • We notify and terminate any Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) coverage.

Trust Our FDS Professionals

When you set up your FDS Plan, you are protecting your executor from spending several long hours of tracking down essential paperwork and information. Our team of professionals helps to streamline the aftercare document preparation process so it is as convenient as possible. Contact our team at the Final Needs Planning ProgramTM today to discover how we can set up your custom FDS Plan today!


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