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discussing death with a child

Final Needs Planning – Discussing Death with a Child

What, in your expert opinion, is the best approach to Discussing Death with a Child?

Robert Varak, Law Offices of Robert J. Varak,  thinks “the best approach is to tailor the conversation to the emotional profile of each child. Broadly speaking, some children will react more emotionally and others more analytically. With the former, you need to leave room for dialogue, allow them to express their feelings about the topic and gradually work in the more prosaic and practical details. With the latter,
you can generally lay out your plans more directly.

As importantly, if your children are going to play any role in the carrying out of your final needs, if possible the same care should be taken when delegating those responsibilities. If you have multiple children, don’t put a less decisive personality in the position of healthcare proxy. Find another area for he or she to contribute. Asking your children to participate in final needs matters may be essential, but forcing them into roles for which they are unsuited will only make worse an already difficult situation.”

Stephanie Omens, NoWhiteLies, specializes in discussing death with children. Stephanie relays, “children need truth in order to heal from tragedy, and can handle the most difficult truth when it’s shared in language they can understand. NoWhiteLies is a therapeutic approach that uses the power of truth telling to help children understand catastrophe and heal from loss and pain. NoWhiteLies combines storytelling through personalized books and creative play activities for children, with counselling for parents. The approach has proven wonderfully effective for children up to 12 years old.”

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