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Death, Decluttering, How To Declutter After Death

Death, Decluttering, How To Declutter After Death | Final Needs Planning CA


Death, Decluttering, How To Declutter After Death.  When? Who? How?

Carole Brody Fleet, Media Contributor, Author and Owner of Widows Wear Stilettos

had this to say in regards to Death, Decluttering and How To Declutter After Death.

Decluttering after death (or what I refer to as the “go-through”) is a huge and confusing hot-button issue in the bereaved community.  I offer the following as a suggested guideline:

When? “Whenever you are ready and not a moment before.  Taking into account that sometimes loved ones are left with no choice but to declutter more quickly than usual (an apartment must be vacated, military housing must be made available, etc.), the “when” of the go-through cannot be determined by outside influences; many of which can be negative and tend to push survivors into activities for which they are not yet ready.” 

Who? “Whomever you choose.  Many survivors generally receive offers of help during the go-through process and welcome those offers.  Others (like myself) choose to go through the process alone.  This is an intensely personal aspect of the grieving process and you must honor your feelings.  The only caveat is that if there are other loved ones who either stand to benefit from a will or trust OR who have made requests as to certain items that they would like, these bequests must be honored and requests must be discussed and considered.

How?SLOWLY!  Don’t rush to declutter because the process is “painful” or you can’t stand to have reminders of your lost loved one around.  Decluttering in haste can lead to irretrievable regret later on.  This is not something that needs to be done the day after the funeral, nor does it need to be completed in one day.  Take your time!”


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