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When a funeral is planned in advance, we have a better say in choosing the final resting place of the deceased. There is more opportunity for the family and the one who will eventually pass on to facilitate productive discourse over the several options available.

Burial or cremation? Which option speaks to you? Each option can be done in a multitude of different ways. In this article, we will explore the options of the traditional burial and cremation.

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Did you know that the rate of cremation in Canada has surpassed the rate of traditional burials? According to the National Funeral Directors Association, this became true recently in 2015. We covered the rising trend of cremation in Canada in a previous blog post.

Some of the reasons cremation has seen a high increase in popularity is due to:

  • it’s affordability (savings in the thousands)
  • The many options available for storing cremated remains (scattering ashes, burial, placing in an urn, etc.).
  • lower environmental impact.
  • The optics of cremation are simpler.

There is more to cremation than just the cost savings. Many in North America have fallen in love with the idea of scattering the ashes of a loved one in places that are significant to their loved one.

Burialelephas group

The tradition of honouring the dead through burial has existed for over 100,000 years. While many have adopted cremation, there are several reasons why people prefer burials.

Among different religions and many family members, traditional burials are commonly more accepted. Many love the idea of permanence opposed to the finality of cremation.

Some will see cremation as an act of defiance to their faith. It wasn’t until 1963, that the Catholic Church finally lifted the ban on cremation.  

While there are many benefits both financially and optically for cremation, burials can also come with similar benefits.

  • Traditional burials are more widely accepted.
  • You receive a permanent designated plot of land with a headstone.
  • There are cheaper and environmentally friendly options of burial. (see our article on the green burial trend).

Considering Repatriation?elephas group

Repatriation is the process of transferring the body or the remains to another country. Typically this is the original homeland of the deceased. Due to the many moving parts and high potential for roadblocks along the way, the planning for repatriation should begin well in advance. If you plan to do a lot of travel, you may be interested in setting up a Travel Protection Plan.

The power with the Final Needs Planning ProgramTM

At Elephas Group, we believe in giving the power of the final decisions to you. You have the power of making the final choices that would be more difficult to family members in a short period of time. The thought of you authoring your ideal goodbye can lift a heavy weight off your loved one’s shoulders.

When you set up your own Final Needs Planning ProgramTM, with the Elephas Group you are able to record your last wishes and know they will be carried out by licensed professionals. You will also be set up with a customizable plan that fits your budget. Contact one of our consultants today to see how you can

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