Funeral Planning, Choosing the Casket, Coffin | Final Needs Planning

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casket funeral planning

In the world of funeral planning, there are many important expenses we have to that can easily become overwhelming. Arguably one of the most important and difficult parts of the funeral planning process comes down to choosing the right casket. There are many varieties, styles and colours to choose from. Considering a casket is an… Read more »

Death, Discussing the Inevitability of Death | Final Needs Planning

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Confronting our loved one’s or our own mortality can be easy to put off as it can easily lead to awkwardness, embarrassment and even fear. However, when we don’t talk about it, we can feel isolated, distressed, and lonely. Ultimately, discussing our end of life plans is something we need to get better at. This… Read more »

Funerals, Create a Memorial Website | Final Needs Planning

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Over the years, your families have the tendency to move from town to town, and sometimes across the globe. Thankfully, the online age has made connecting with loved ones all over the world through e-mail and sites like Facebook. Please follow and like us:

Funerals, Writing the Obituary | Final Needs Planning

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obituary funeral planning

When planning a funeral, there are many elements to prepare for. One of those elements involves writing an obituary. Obituaries serve as a news article reporting on one’s death, a brief description of their life and information as to where visitors can pay their respects. Each obituary commonly would include some of the following information…. Read more »

Trends, Funeral Trends | Final Needs Planning

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As the times change, so do people and the traditions they grew up with. Traditional funeral services have changed much over the years to accommodate the changing values, ideas, and suggestions that families and friends choose to honour their loved ones by. When you are planning a funeral or pre-planning your own, always keep in mind… Read more »